The Dresser Protocol is read-only and designed to provide real-time data from the Dresser Micro Corrector.

Supported Devices

Dresser Micro Corrector devices with firmware version 1.99 and earlier.

Supported Features

The Dresser Protocol supports the following Type Field commands :

  • (b) Read-Only Firmware Features
  • (D) Read Data Length Query
  • (f) Firmware Revision Request
  • (g) Read Trim Table Request
  • (r) EEPROM Read
  • ('n') Unit Serial Number Request 
  • (I) Live Data Request
  • (h) Read Hardware Settings Request
  • (s) PCB Revision Request
  • (p) Password Enable Query
  • ({) Query Dial-out Settings
  • ([) Query Alarm Settings
  • (() Query Modem Settings
  • (|) Secondary Live Data Request
  • ('*') Consumption Data Request

Further Information

For further information regarding the Dresser Micro Corrector device, please refer to the vendor documents.

For assistance, please submit a ticket via our Support Portal, email autosol.support@autosoln.com or call 281.286.6017 to speak to a support team member.