Supported Devices

The Flow-X module is designed to allow a host computer to communicate with the Spirit/ABB® Flow-X device. Other devices that use the same protocol, or protocol emulators, can also be supported.

Supported Features

The Flow-X module supports reading and writing of all valid data items, collection of history and reading of reports.

Data Files

Tag Configuration Data

Whenever a ‘Read Tag Configuration’ command is sent, the driver retrieves the data and stores it in several files. 

  • Those files are typically located here: C:\ProgramData\AutoSol\Communication Manager\7\DataFiles\SpiritFlowX
  • The data is stored in files with names created from the ACM object id number. Typical file names will look like this: 915_Tags.xml, 915_EnumItems.xml, 915_EnumTypes.xml
  • The files are stored so ACM will have the device’s complete tag configuration even across restarts.

Cached Tag Data

Whenever a ‘Read Device Settings’ command is sent, the driver retrieves select device settings tags and stores them in a file.

  • That file is typically located here: C:\ProgramData\AutoSol\Communication Manager\7\DataFilesSpiritFlowX\TagFiles
  • The data is stored in files with names created from the ACM object id number. A typical file name will look like this: 915_CachedTagValues.xml
  • The file is stored so ACM will have select global settings from the device even across ACM restarts.

Further Information

The RTU firmware version will determine the supported applications and the communication interface used to read and write data. For further information regarding the devices using the Flow-X driver, please refer to the vendor specific Flow-X communication manual documents.

For assistance, please submit a ticket via our Support Portal, email autosol.support@autosoln.com or call 281.286.6017 to speak to a support team member.