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Database Compactor

ACM Database Compactor is a utility used to keep the ACM Configuration Database tblProperties as compact as possible by cleaning out default property settings.  The removal of unnecessary default properties will increase the speed at which ACM will load.
To open Database Compactor:

  1. Click Start > Programs > AutoSol Communication Manager > Database Compactor to open the Database Compactor utility.
  2. Enter the appropriate ACM Server name.
  3. Click Clean Up to run the utility.
  4. The status indicator will change to Complete when done.

Database Provider String Builder

ACM Database Provider String Builder is a utility which builds a database provider string.

To open the utility:

  1. Click Start > Programs > AutoSol Communication Manager > Database Provider String Builder to open the Database Provider String Builder utility. 
  2. Click Browse Providers….
    The Data Link Properties screen will open in the Connection Tab.
  3. Click on the Provider Tab.
    1. Select the appropriate OLE DB Provider.
    2. Click Next >>.
    3. Enter the appropriate information and if required click on Test connection to test the connection to the server.
    4. When finished, click OK to build a provider string.

The provider string can now be copied from the Windows clipboard and used where required.

Exporting and Importing Configurations

See Importing Configurations.

See Exporting Configurations

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