Request an AUTOSOL Bridge License

To request or apply an AUTOSOL Bridge license, open the ACM Monitor "License" page and select the "AUTOSOL Bridge" tab.  

Requesting a License

  1. To request a license, click the "AUTOSOL Bridge License Request" button, which will generate the request and copy it to the clipboard. 
  2. Paste the information into an email message and send it to

Applying a License

  1. When you receive the license file from AUTOSOL, save it on the Bridge Server.  The default location for the AUTOSOL Bridge license is "C:\ProgramData\AutoSol\Bridge\License", and the text file can be saved here.
  2. Once it has been saved, click the  button to browse to and select the license file.
  3. Click Save to apply the license.

For assistance, please submit a ticket via our Support Portal, email or call 281.286.6017 to speak to a support team member.