Modbus Kinder Morgan


The Modbus Kinder Morgan device object in AutoSol Communication Manager® (ACM) was developed to support the custom Bristol Modbus Enron Load developed by Kinder Morgan. The Modbus Kinder Morgan device object provides support for a number of documented Modbus variations, as well as the ability to build customized register sets and functions code. 

Supported Devices

The Modbus Kinder Morgan protocol module can communicate with Kinder Morgan Modbus devices using their native Modbus protocol. Devices and emulators that use the Enron Modbus protocol are also supported. Custom register sets and function codes can be created to communicate with any Modbus-type device that uses the Modbus protocol frame format with non-standard function codes, registers, and data types.

Supported Features

The Modbus Kinder Morgan protocol module supports reading and writing to all valid Modbus registers and retrieving historical data from Modbus Kinder Morgan compatible Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).  

Further Information

For further information regarding the Modbus Kinder Morgan device, please refer to the vendor documents.

For assistance, please submit a ticket via our Support Portal, email or call 281.286.6017 to speak to a support team member.