ACM 8.2 Release - May 14, 2021

New System Requirements

As of July 2020, ACM only supports Microsoft operating systems and servers that are also still supported by Microsoft.

ACM System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows:  8.1 and 10 (Anniversary Update or later)

  • Microsoft Windows Server:  2012, 2012 R2, 2016, and 2019

  • Microsoft SQL Server: 2012 SP4 or newer

AUTOSOL offers both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of ACM.

Installation Notes

  • If you have a support agreement, the new ACM version can be downloaded by using the monthly login credentials received from your sales representative.  For more details, please contact us today.

  • Components from ACM 8.1.1 cannot be combined with components from ACM 7.1

  • If upgrading from a 32-bit version of ACM 7.1 to the 64-bit version of ACM 8.2, ACM 7.1 must be first uninstalled.

If upgrading from a Beta version of the 64-bit ACM 7.1, it must first be uninstalled.

  • For installations that make use of Safe Mode operation, ACM 8.2 uses the "Microsoft ACE OLEDB 12.0" database driver for the safe mode database. The ACE OLEDB 12.0 driver can be downloaded from Microsoft here.

  • It is always a good idea to back up your ACM configuration database before updating. This update makes changes to the database and if for some reason the update is not successful, a backup may be required to revert to your previous version of ACM.  Instructions are found in the ACM User Guide under Maintenance –> Backing up the SQL Database

New Security Options

ACM now provides security options to control access to ACM from the desktop configuration program and from the mobile app. This also includes an option to control whether administrator accounts have access to ACM.

When security is enabled and this option is not selected, it is possible to configure users and roles such that all users are locked out of the server or that no users can change the configuration.

ACM now supports Dynamic Flow Computers MicroMP3 Modbus with EFM

  • Supports both the truck ticket mode and the full six meter flow computer mode.

  • Provides the ability to retrieve and publish daily and monthly batch report records.

  • Allows for time synchronization.

Features Added

GC Write Service

  • Adds support for a comma separated list to be used as the Area ID in queries against the Flowcal database for GC Writes. This allows multiple Areas to use the same ACM Server for GC Writes.

  • Adds the assembly version number to the source column in the Log Viewer.

All Protocols

  • Adds the device detail tab fields as OPC Items.

BSAP Protocol

  • Adds the ability for a user to separately configure whether Serial or Ethernet protocol is used on the primary and/or secondary connections.

  • Adds support for array items to meter configuration polling.

  • Adds a configuration item token number to each meter run. This number will be used to replace a token in the items for the meter configuration reads and GC writes, so that a single Meter Configuration or Gas Chromatograph object can be used for multiple meter runs.

DNP3 Protocol

  • Adds a rule option in the Meter Configuration object for yes/no fields and RelativeDensitySaturationCondition.

  • Makes FactorFwv and FwvFactorUsed fields interchangeable.

When a Meter Configuration object (the Advanced Configuration assigned to the Meter object) is used to publish meter configuration data, the fields below now use predefined constants for the "Constant" and "Rule" options. For the CSV publisher, that means that these values will be published as the text strings "Yes"/"No" (or "Wet"/"Dry"/"AsDelivered" for RelativeDensitySaturationCondition) if translation is used, and as numeric codes if translation is not used. For the XML publisher, all of the fields below will be now published within the <Common> node, rather than the <Extended> node as some of them were before:
FlowingPressureEffectEnabled, Live Analysis, Live BTU, Live Gravity, Live Temperature, HasDefaultTemperature, UseRTD, FwvFactorUsed, FwvsFactorUsed, HasRTD, TemperatureCompensated, PressureCompensated, FactorFa, FactorFb, FactorFg, FactorFpv, FactorFr, FactorFt, FactorFwv, FactorY, RelativeDensitySaturationCondition

  • Adds support for new objects, parameters, measurements, and units in Emerson FBx firmware release

Flow Automation Protocol

  • Adds history collection support for the Flow Automation Williams Gas load.

The CFX publisher will now show valid data for GC data in the meter configuration section where previously it was invalid.

  • Adds read and write item support for function types Plunger Lift (config and instantaneous) and Drip Control for Flow Automation devices with the Coastal Flow load.
    FlowX Protocol

  • Adds a new command that allows for copying an existing tag file from a configured device.

Micro MP3 Protocol

  • Adds support for Dynamic Flow Computer's MicroMP3 Liquid Flow Computer using the Modbus/MicroMP3 protocol.

    • MicroMP3 supports both the truck ticket mode and the full six meter flow computer mode.

    • MicroMP3 provides the ability to retrieve and publish daily and monthly batch report records.

    • MicroMP3 allows for time synchronization.

ROC Protocol

  • Adds a new option "Combine data from all segments into the same archive records" to combine a meter's data from different segments into the same record.

If the new option "Combine data from all segments into the same archive records" is selected and the user has a meter mapped with fields in different segments, then the fields will be combined into the same record.

  • Adds more units for ROC meter configuration such as differential pressure units, uncorrected volume units to the CFX Output.

For ROC meter configuration, more units (such as differential pressure units, uncorrected volume units) will be output.

  • Adds the ability to set a ROC device date/time to any value required via new Extended OPC tag ClockSet.

SCADAPack Protocol

  • Adds the ability to upload batch history records.

Historical batch records can now be published.

Teledyne CA Protocol

  • Adds the ability to retrieve a specific bit address and width from Analog, Greycode and Digital items.

Totalflow Protocol

  • Adds 'TIMESTAMP' and 'TIMESTAMPUTC' modifiers for app.array.index items to provide date/time in local and UTC timestamp format.


  • Adds the ability to use tokens in the form $$Fieldn$$ (where 'n' represents the one-based index of a field in a history record) in a path or file name of the CSV publisher.

When the new token is used in a path or file name of the CSV publisher, the CSV output will be split into multiple files and/or folders according to the field value.

  • Adds non-configuration and DPTransducerRangeLow events for CFX7/CFX8.

Some events that were not previously published as CFX events now will be.

  • Improves error messages generated by the PGAS XML publisher by providing more detail in the logged message.

  • Provides an option to adjust the timestamp of gas quality records published through the PGAS XML output object.

The timestamp of gas quality records will be published according to the PGAS XML setting.


  • Adds new security options to control access to ACM from the desktop configuration program and from the mobile app. This also includes an option to control whether administrator accounts have access to ACM. Note that with these new settings, it is possible to leave the server in a state where no one has permission to change any configuration, or even access the server.
    Server Monitor

  • Adds the ability to run individual SQL scripts via the ACM Monitor Database Wizard.

  • Adds the ability to save a custom database connection setting in the ACM Monitor.

TCP Listen Connection

  • Adds a new option "Delay polling on same connection" to the TCP Listen connection to delay polling a device if it uses the same connection as another device that is currently polling, even if there is a session available. This will prevent multiple conflicting connections to the same IP address and Port.

  • Adds a property to the TCP Listen connection object to configure an initial data timeout after an incoming socket connection is accepted.

Issues Addressed

Archive Management

  • Adds validation to the Missing Hourly and Daily calculation for Archive Management in order to handle a scenario in which the same meter is being used on multiple devices

Client Application

  • Modifies the Alias Group validation to prevent empty alias and item names from being saved.

  • Modifies the ACM security login to accept "." in the user object's domain name.

Configuration Database

  • Corrects an issue that could cause replication to fail if the tblMeterRecordsHistory is being replicated.


  • Corrects an issue that prevented items in the $Perf object from being validated and added from OPC clients.

  • Modifies the client application to display the "Out of Sync" message on an open form if that object was modified during an import.

OPC Client

  • Modifies the OPC test client to allow for a value to be written to an item more than once, even if the value didn't change.

  • Standardizes the initialization of writeable Extended items to "Good" quality.

BSAP Protocol

  • Adds support for user strings and user doubles to GC write.

DF1 Protocol

  • In situations where two responses are in the buffer at the same time, the driver will move over the first packet and validate the second one as the response to process.

DNP3 Protocol

  • Converts new DNP3 FBx unit types for use in the ACM publishers.

  • Adds FBx to ACM unit mappings that were left out of previous updates.

  • History fields may be published with new unit types.

Flow Automation Protocol

  • Corrects a GC Write issue in the Williams Gas Load that could cause the GC Write to fail after reading partial GC items.

FlowX Protocol

  • Adds validation to the Flow-X History Map to prevent duplicate Field Identifiers from being used.

Hex Repeater Protocol

  • Corrects an issue that prevented writes to device configuration items unless the ACM license has the 'history' feature enabled.

ROC Protocol

  • Adds stricter validation on ROC T.P:L items.

  • Corrects an issue where external mapping with an EFM ID of UNKNOWN produced unexpected results.

  • Corrects an issue where an external mapping with the ACM field identifier "Unknown" could cause incorrect results in published history records.

  • Corrects an issue where configuring a "First Collection Count" of 0 caused no records to be retrieved. Instead, a limit of 0 is now treated as if no limit is defined and all available records will be collected.

When the archive limit is set to zero, all records will be returned.

  • Corrects an issue where some history point mappings could lead to sporadic partial history records.

This corrects an issue where some history point mappings can lead to sporadic partial history records.

Romet-Adem Protocol

  • Corrects an issue in referenced object text boxes that caused names to be truncated in the display.


  • Adds Flow Time to the CFX8 batch records.

Flow Time will now be included in CFX8 batch records.


  • Adds the ability to delete history on a hourly interval. This option is found in the Manage Database wizard of ACM Monitor.

  • Corrects an issue that prevented items in the "Alias" branch from displaying correctly when browsing ACM from Ignition.

Server Monitor

  • Improves the description for the FlowCal Area Index property.

TCP Listen Connection

  • Prevents a TCPIP Listen connection attempt from lasting more than two minutes.

TCPIP Connection

  • Prevents a TCPIP connection attempt from lasting more than two minutes.